RE: Question about MLM?

2001-11-15 08:14:17
Subject: RE: Question about MLM?
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Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 08:14:17 -0500
NetView only needs read access to "discover" that the MLM is installed on a
NetView does not actually check that midmand is running. It just queries the
Be certain that the community name that you are using does not have any
like a view statement. Both the mgmt.mib2 and private.enterprises.ibm branch
must be queryable.
A successful discovery will be indicated by the lack of "SNMP error: no such
immediately following the "Get Mid Level Manager" output in a demandpoll.

smconfig and APM need write access if you expect to be able to configure the

Don Davis

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I wanted to know what are the requirments  for an mlm to be seen as a mlm
in a netview map.
netview must be able to ping the mlm
netview must be able to read the MIB to see that midmand is runnig
But does Netview need to have write access on the MIB?

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