Antwort: Re: demandpoll fails

2001-11-09 09:03:16
Subject: Antwort: Re: demandpoll fails
From: helmut.schroeder.hs AT bayer-ag DOT de
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Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 15:03:16 +0100
Hi Oliver ,

no community string means:

1:) demandpoll:
14:57:20.237981829 > GetRequest(27)
(3 times)
<no response>

2) snmpget
14:58:17.556524142 > C=community
GetRequest(26) .
14:58:17.562212771 > C=community
GetResponse(35) .

No smartsets were used in the SNMP configuration ...

Regards - Helmut

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what do you mean with "no community string"?

Is the Node contained in a Smartset used in SNMP configuration ?

Kind regards

Oliver Bruchhaeuser
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Hi all,

on NetView 6.0.2 / AIX 4.3.3:
Node is partially discovered (via nodename in seedfile), but with no
demandpoll fails with timeout but snmpwalk works fine:
tcpdump shows that both requests go to the same ip address
(name resolution is ok in both ways), the problem is that
snmpwalk sends the correct community and  the demandpoll
sends no community string !? I thought they would use both the
same source to determine which community to use ?!
( xnmsnmpconf -resolv shows the correct community for ip address
 and hostname ...  cache was cleared)

Any ideas ? Thanks  - Helmut

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