Pop-up information message / box - how do I create one?

2001-11-05 08:52:22
Subject: Pop-up information message / box - how do I create one?
From: Kevin Gow <kevin.gow AT csfs DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 14:52:22 +0100

How do you inform the users of Netview that you 
need to close it down for some reason or the other?

I was thinking along the lines of a little program 
you could call from the command line, or even one 
you could add to a menu, restricted to the Read-Write 
map wich the network admin has. 

For example:
Command line: NVinfo Netview will close in 5 minutes...
(The program checks who is using NV, and sends them 
a message that pops up on there workstation)

Menu: Tools > User Message
A box would open up where you could enter your message,
and then press a send button to send it to all NV users.

A OK button acknowledges the message box. The message box 
would not be associated to any processes in NV itself.

Am I dreaming up grand things here that are a waste of
time? Anyone else do something similar? (This is for UNIX).
I am open to ideas here...


Kevin Gow
Mainframe Operation & Network Management / KTSO 4
Tel:    +41 31 358 81 61
Fax:    +41 31 358 79 28

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