snmp and router polling

2001-07-31 12:29:13
Subject: snmp and router polling
From: "Duble, Ethan" <Ethan.Duble AT coopertools DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 12:29:13 -0400
I am having a hard time getting a explanation from tivoli on this

from the seed file notes

SNMP Status Support
#      Nodes that have serial interface cards will automatically use SNMP
#      to query for ifAdminStatus and ifOperStatus for ALL interfaces on
#      that node.  Specify other nodes you would like to use SNMP to query
#      for status instead of ICMP pings here.
#      Use the prefix '$', and use the same syntax for ranges and wildcards
#      described above for positive seed entries.  For instance,
#        $1.1.2-10.221-230

All of my Cisco routers are in the seed file and all have serial interface
so netivew should use snmp to show the status of these nodes right ? 
since they have a serial interface I should not have to have $ infront of
these nodes in the seed file ?

if this is the case, no pings should ever be sent to these node right , well
if that is true what happens if - snmp gets - time out , is the node
considered down ? (even though it is pingable) or does netview use ping on
these if snmp fails ?

I have 2 problems that lead me to prove netview is pinging anyways , I have
a node with a interface that is admin down , but some joker has stole the IP
address on a server , since the server is responding to a ping , netview is
assuming that the IP address in question actually belongs to the router and
shows the router IP address as being up (even though it is admin down), next
config poll returns the interface back to admin down till the next polling
cycle. this is on a router that is supposed to be status checked by SNMP.

second problem is also on Cisco routers , serial interface connected to
modems as dialbackup for the router. after the modem is activated by a wan
failure , the interface goes green , fine its up. but after the call the
interface goes red (BAD) its supposed to be admin down (purple). the Cisco
router only has 2 states for that interface , up or standby. if netview is
doing snmp status polling why is the interface going red (yup its being
pinged and not using snmp)

netview on aix
netview 6.02

any help on this would be appreciated 


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