MLM questions

2001-07-31 00:03:11
Subject: MLM questions
From: "Chan, Jack" <jack.chan AT nz.unisys DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 14:03:11 +1000

I am learning to use MLM, I read the MLM user guide and did some config, but
I am quite confused about the following:

I have one MLM installed and monitored by a main Netview box.

- I took off the polling from Netview box to MLM, if something managed by
MLM is down, MLM will automatically send a trap to the main Netview box?

- In the main Netview box, I would not be able to see any nodes on maps
managed by MLM, am I right?

- I clicked on the MLM on the NV box, Monitor -> MLM -> status monitoring ->
current status. I have a unknown status for one node. I don't understand

- what the hack is the Alias table for? Does it have to have NV.x.x.x.n

Thanks for your help.

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