Re: 2 color propogation questions

2001-07-26 00:06:20
Subject: Re: 2 color propogation questions
From: "Leslie Clark" <lclark AT us.ibm DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 00:06:20 -0400
>> my comments on Catalina's questions

Netview 6.0.2, Framework 3.7.1, Aix

We only have 1 map (default).

When we unmanage a node from the R-W map, the Read only map  shows
green/red and not wheat. If the user, refreshes the map then it turns
 >> yes that is how it works

I unmanaged a server from R/W default map. I then  brought down the server
and it turned "red" on the read only map. when i brought  up the server it
turned "green". It was still "wheat" in the read/write map.  When we
refresh the read only map, it turned "wheat". Why is netmon still  polling
somthing even though we tell it to unmanage it?
>> because it is still managed in the topology database as long
>> as one map has it managed, even if that is a r/o copy of the map.

on the IP internet map one of the location  container is we drill down,
several more loc. containers. 1 is yellow the rest  are green. we drill
down on a green one. all location containers are green. we  drill on a
location that is green it contains several ip network icons that  are green
and one network is "white" unreacheable, underneath it a router  is red.
Since netmon is not polling this router how can we know that it is still
down? Is this the way its supposed to work? How are we supposed to know
that  that router is down? Shouldn't the parent be yellow?

>> By default, down routers are still pinged so Netview will know when they
>> come back up. I also believe development is still wrestling with how to
>> propogate some of the unreachable stuff and I would look for
>> Maybe even contact Support to see if there are any efixes available. But
>> you say that you have a white network and 'underneath it a router is
>> That would be the Network Submap view of the router. Where is the IP
Internet >> level view of that router? In that view, the router should be
yellow or red.
>> It sounds like you are missing a symbol, or have cut and pasted it so
>> it is out of the picture. The IP Internet level view of the router
>> show color and propogate to the Location icon. If you don't have one
>> that, I would pick at it a while and than call Support.


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