RE: Ruleset for Paging

2001-07-25 18:22:18
Subject: RE: Ruleset for Paging
From: "Chan, Jack" <jack.chan AT nz.unisys DOT com>
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Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 08:22:18 +1000
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To page after hours, James suggested me before to use an action followed by
inline action. The inline action performs a script to check the time and
exit(1) or exit (0) (shell script terms) depends on current time. The action
does the paging, I called the nvpage command to do the paging. 

Attached is a development script, will give you a rough idea of time
comparison of time and supported nodes after hours. It has some logging in
it for testing. I am sure you can improve it. 

Hope it helps,


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Subject: [NV-L] Ruleset for Paging

I have a ruleset that sends mail when certain nodes go down.  The
ruleset sends the event to the email address which then sends a numeric
message when the event occurs.  I would like to change this to page only
after hours.  Do I need add a script to my ruleset that specifies the
times for after hours?  Would this be done in an Inline Action?
Next question, does anybody have a script for this and would be willing
to share it with me?

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