Problems with SNMPagent enumeration...

2001-07-25 06:29:33
Subject: Problems with SNMPagent enumeration...
From: "Wolfgang Reidenbach" <wreidenbach AT aplusg DOT de>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 12:29:33 +0200
Hi list,

since a few weeks I'm dealing with a problem with the SNMPagent enumeration
in the snmp_fields definiton file.
Confuguration data:
- Netview V6.02 for WinNT
- Dual processor Win2K Server, SP2
- SQL Server V7.0, SP3

The problem is, that the SNMPagent enumeration gets partialy deleted, at
least, when the Netview daemons are shut down.
You will realise it at the next startup: netmon will hang in status
'started'.  The Netview console will not come up with all menu entries,
citing that SNMPagent values are missing.

The enumeration has been enlarged several times and only after the last
additions the failure appeared.
The problem also exist on Netview V6.01 for WinNT.
Has anyone observed this behaviour? Is this a bug or a misconfiguration

Any hints very welcome.
The enumeration is added at the end.

Best regards

Wolfgang Reidenbach

A+G connect GmbH
Trierer Str. 12
Tel.: +49 (0) 681/94805-70  Fax.: +49 (0) 681/94805-11
E-Mail: wreidenbach AT aplusg DOT de <mailto:wreidenbach AT aplusg DOT de>

 * SNMPAgent is a mix of software vendor and the hardware it runs on.
 * It is used by various applications to trigger the correct menu items
 * that the agent supports.  This is typically set by the discovery
 * application based on SNMP sysObjectId of the agent.
 * See netmon's man page.

Field "SNMPAgent" {
        Type Enumeration;
        Flags   capability, general, locate;
                "3Com 10BTi",
                "3Com AB 7000 BRI",
                "3Com AB 7000 Controller",
                "3Com AB 7000 PRI",
                "3Com AB Remote Office 500",
                "3Com AB Remote Office 60",
                "3Com AB Remote Office 70",
                "3Com AB Remote User 400s",
                "3Com AB Remote User 400u",
                "3Com Backplane Fast Module Standalone Agent",
                "3Com CoreBuilder2500",
                "3Com CoreBuilder3500",
                "3Com CoreBuilder6012r4",
                "3Com CoreBuilder6004r4",
                "3Com CoreBuilder5000 Distributed Management Module",
                "3Com DT Switch",
                "3Com ECS",
                "3Com ECS Bridge",
                "3Com ECS-R-Bridge",
                "3Com Enterprise",
                "3Com FDDI Workgroup Hub",
                "3Com Hub10",
                "3Com Hub10 Bridge",
                "3Com Hub10 TP8i",
                "3Com Hub100",
                "3Com Hub 110",
                "3Com Hub 8/TPM",
                "3Com LANplex2016",
                "3Com LANplex5012",
                "3Com LANplex5004",
                "3Com LinkSwitch",
                "3Com LinkSwitch2200",
                "3Com LinkSwitch2700Bridge",
                "3Com LinkSwitch 500",
                "3Com Local Bridge LC",
                "3Com MSH",
                "3Com MSH 4Port Eth Bridge",
                "3Com MSH FDDI",
                "3Com MSH LinkSwitch",
                "3Com MSH Switch",
                "3Com MSH TR Bridge",
                "3Com NB",
                "3Com OC 140",
                "3Com OC Remote 5xxx",
                "3Com ONline Ethernet Interconnect Module",
                "3Com ONline Ethernet Management Module",
                "3Com ONline FDDI Management Module",
                "3Com ONline Token-Ring Management Module",
                "3Com ONsemble Ethernet Hub",
                "3Com ONsemble Switch",
                "3Com ONsemble Work Group Hub",
                "3Com PS Hub",
                "3Com Sonix",
                "3Com SuperStack II Communications Server",
                "3Com SuperStack II RPS",
                "3Com SuperStack II UPS",
                "3Com Switch 1000",
                "3Com Switch 1100",
                "3Com Switch 3000",
                "3Com Switch 3100",
                "3Com Switch 9000",
                "4BSD ISODE",
                "ACC 4140 Bridge/Router",
                "APC Matrix-UPS 3000",
                "APC Matrix-UPS 5000",
                "APC PowerNet SNMP Agent",
                "APC Smart-UPS 1000",
                "APC Smart-UPS 1250",
                "APC Smart-UPS 1400",
                "APC Smart-UPS 2000",
                "APC Smart-UPS 2200",
                "APC Smart-UPS 250",
                "APC Smart-UPS 3000",
                "APC Smart-UPS 400",
                "APC Smart-UPS 450",
                "APC Smart-UPS 600",
                "APC Smart-UPS 700",
                "APC Smart-UPS 900",
                "APC UPS",
                "Cayman GatorSystem",
                "cisco Fast Hub",
                "cisco Gateway Server",
                "cisco Systems Catalyst 1900",
                "cisco Protocol Translator",
                "cisco Router",
                "cisco Switch",
                "cisco T-Router",
                "cisco Terminal Server",
                "CoreBuilder 7000",
                "CoreBuilder 7200",
                "CoreBuilder 7200f",
                "CoreBuilder 7400",
                "CoreBuilder 7600",
                "DECagent 90",
                "DECagent 900",
                "DECbridge 90",
                "DECbridge 90FL",
                "DECbridge 900MP",
                "DECbridge 900MX",
                "DECconcentrator 900MX",
                "DECconcentrator 900TH",
                "DECconcentrator 900FH",
                "DECmau 900TL",
                "DECmau 900TH",
                "DECpacketprobe 90",
                "DECrepeater 90C",
                "DECrepeater 90FA",
                "DECrepeater 90FL",
                "DECrepeater 90FS",
                "DECrepeater 90T",
                "DECrepeater 90TS",
                "DECrepeater 90T+",
                "DECrepeater 90T-16",
                "DECrepeater 900CM",
                "DECrepeater 900CP",
                "DECrepeater 900CS",
                "DECrepeater 900F",
                "DECrepeater 900FL",
                "DECrepeater 900FP",
                "DECrepeater 900FS",
                "DECrepeater 900GM",
                "DECrepeater 900SL",
                "DECrepeater 900TM",
                "DECrepeater 900TS",
                "DECrmon 90+",
                "DECserver 90L",
                "DECserver 90L version 1",
                "DECserver 90L version 2",
                "DECserver 90M",
                "DECserver 90TL",
                "DECserver 90TL version 1",
                "DECserver 90TL version 2",
                "DECserver 700-16",
                "DECserver 700-8",
                "DECserver 900M",
                "DECserver 900GM",
                "DECserver 900GMX",
                "DECserver 900MC",
                "DECserver 900TM",
                "DECswitch 400",
                "DECswitch 900EE",
                "DECswitch 900EF",
                "DECswitch 900ET",
                "DECswitch 900FO",
                "DEC ATMswitch 900F",
                "DEC ATMswitch 900T",
                "DEC ComAgentUltrix1",
                "DEC ComAgentUltrix1.1",
                "DEC GIGAswitch 2000",
                "DEC GIGAswitch/ATM",
                "DEC GIGAswitch/FDDI",
                "DEC GIGAswitch/Ethernet",
                "DEC LANbridge-200",
                "DEC MOBILEAGENT",
                "DEC MobileDeviceServer1",
                "DEC Mobile Agent",
                "DEC Mobile Device Server",
                "DEC MOPCOUNTERS",
                "DEC MultiSwitch 612EX",
                "DEC MultiSwitch 624EX",
                "DEC MultiSwitch 300",
                "DEC MultiSwitch Hub 624T",
                "DEC MultiSwitch Hub 612TX",
                "DEC MultiSwitch 900",
                "DEC MultiSwitch 600 Stack Director",
                "DEC MultiSwitch 900-4",
                "DEC MUXSERVERS",
                "DEC MUXserver1",
                "DEC MUXserver300",
                "DEC MUXserver320",
                "DEC MUXserver380",
                "DEC MUXserver90",
                "DEC NETWORKPROBES",
                "DEC OpenVMS",
                "DEC OpenVMS V5.5",
                "DEC OpenVMS V6.0",
                "DEC OpenVMS V6.1",
                "DEC OpenVMS V6.2",
                "DEC OpenVMS V7.1",
                "DEC OpenVMS V7.2",
                "DEC OpenVMS V7.2-1/V7.3",
                "DEC OSF Station",
                "DEC OSIRouter100",
                "DEC OSIRouter500",
                "DEC PATHWORKSSNMPAGENT5",
                "DEC Pathworks SNMP Agents",
                "DEC PEswitch 900TX",
                "DEC PORTswitch 900CP",
                "DEC PORTswitch 900FP",
                "DEC PORTswitch 900TP/12",
                "DEC PORTswitch 900TP",
                "DEC RTFSN",
                "DEC RoamAbout Access Point",
                "DEC RouteAbout Access ES",
                "DEC RouteAbout Access EW",
                "DEC RouteAbout Access TW",
                "DEC RouteAbout Access ISDN IP",
                "DEC RouteAbout Access ISDN MP",
                "DEC RouteAbout Access EI",
                "DEC RouteAbout Central EI",
                "DEC RouteAbout Central EP",
                "DEC RouteAbout Central EW",
                "DEC ULTRIX",
                "DEC VMS Station",
                "DEC VNswitch 900CC",
                "DEC VNswitch 900CG",
                "DEC VNswitch 900EA",
                "DEC VNswitch 900EF",
                "DEC VNswitch 900EF-MM",
                "DEC VNswitch 900EX",
                "DEC VNswitch 900EE",
                "DEC VNswitch 900FF",
                "DEC VNswitch 900XX",
                "DEC VNswitch 900XA",
                "DEC VNswitch 900FX",
                "DEC VNswitch 900FA",
                "DEC VNswitch 900EF-MX",
                "DEC VNswitch 900LL",
                "DEC VNswitch 900GC",
                "DEC VNswitch 900GV",
                "DEC VXT",
                "DEC VXT-2000",
                "DEC WANrouter 150",
                "DEC WANrouter 250",
                "DEC WANrouter 90",
                "DEC WANrouterMUX90",
                "DEC WANserverISDN",
                "DEC-OSF Version 1",
                "DEC-OSF Version 2",
                "DEC-OSF Version 3",
                "Digital UNIX V5.0/V5.1",
                "DG Aviion",
                "EMC SAN SWITCH",
                "Emulex Performance 3000TL",
                "Enterasys E7 6G306-06",
                "Enterasys E7 6H302-48",
                "Enterasys Networks Matrix E7",
                "Fibronics FDDI-Ethernet Router",
                "Hirschmann Ethernet Railswitch",
                "HP Bridge",
                "HP DTC",
                "HP Hub",
                "HP LanProbe",
                "HP LanProbe I",
                "HP LanProbe II",
                "HP LanProbe II+",
                "HP Modem",
                "HP Network Plotter",
                "HP Network Printer",
                "HP Packet Switch",
                "HP Router",
                "HP SunOS Sparc",
                "HP TR LanProbe",
                "HP 3000/XL",
                "HP 386",
                "HP 700/[R]X X-Terminal",
                "HP 9000/HP-UX",
                "Hughes LAN Systems Bridge",
                "IBM AIX/ESA",
                "IBM AS/400",
                "IBM HP-UX",
                "IBM MVS",
                "IBM RMONitor",
                "IBM RouteXpander/2",
                "IBM RS/6000",
                "IBM RS/6000 3.1",
                "IBM RS/6000 4.1",
                "IBM Solaris 1.x",
                "IBM Solaris 2.x",
                "IBM TCPIP OS2",
                "IBM VM",
                "IBM X Station",
                "IBM 2210",
                "IBM 3172",
                "IBM 3174",
                "IBM 6611",
                "IBM 8229",
                "IBM 8250 EBM",
                "IBM 8250 EIM",
                "IBM 8250 EMM",
                "IBM 8250 ETS",
                "IBM 8250 FMM",
                "IBM 8250 TRBM",
                "IBM 8250 TRMM",
                "IBM 8260 DMM",
                "IBM 8260 ECM",
                "IBM 8260 ENIM",
                "Interactive/Lachman System V/386",
                "LANServant Ethernet",
                "LANServant Probe FP 2000-S",
                "LANServant Probe FP 2000-D",
                "LANServant Probe FP 6000",
                "LANServant Token Ring",
                "Lexmark Optra SC 1275",
                "Microsoft Windows NT",
                "Microsoft Windows NT 4.0",
                "MT LANCE/NMS agent",
                "NCR Tower",
                "NetScout Agent",
                "Netware 386 TCP/IP",
                "Novell Lantern",
                "Novell NetWare",
                "NRC Fusion Xenix agent",
                "NSC 6600",
                "Process Software Corp. VMS agent",
                "Proteon CNX400",
                "Proteon CNX500",
                "Proteon CNX600",
                "Proteon DNX300",
                "Proteon P4100",
                "Proteon P4200",
                "Proteon RBX200",
                "SGI Iris",
                "Smart Switch 6000 2H252-25R",
                "Smart Switch 6000 6C105",
                "Smart Switch 6000 6H202-24",
                "Smart Switch 6000 6H252-17",
                "Smart Switch 6000 6H258-17",
                "Smart Switch 6000 DLE02-MA",
                "SNMP agent for IPRO",
                "Sumitomo SUMINET-3500H",
                "Sun Microsystems PC-NFS",
                "Sun Microsystems SunOS",
                "SunOS sun4m",
                "SuperStack II Enterprise Monitor",
                "SynOptics Bridge/Hub",
                "Transcend Enterprise Monitor 540",
                "Transcend Enterprise Monitor 542",
                "Transcend Enterprise Monitor 570",
                "Tektronix Phaser 850DP",
                "UB Access/1 Hub",
                "Vitalink TransPath",
                "WANServant Probe",
                "Wellfleet IP Router",
                "Wellfleet Sun 3 agent",
                "XLNT QuickEther-8 switch",
                "XLNT QuickEther-16 switch",
                "XLNT QuickFDDI+ switch",
                "XLNT QuickFDDI+8 switch",
                "Xyplex Remote Ethernet Bridge",
                "Xyplex Terminal Server";

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