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2001-07-24 12:36:27
Subject: Re: mib2trap usage
From: "James Shanks" <SHANKS AT us.tivoli DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 12:36:27 -0400
Bill -

Is all there is to the MIB?  mib2trap must have either TRAP-TYPE (SNMP V1)
or NOTIFICATION-TYPE (SNMPV2) statements in the MIB which define a trap
otherwise it has nothing to do.  In that case the output files would be

If there is more to the MIB and you still get no output, try loading the
MIB with xnmloadmib2 the SNMPV1/V2 loader and see if you get error

James Shanks
Team Leader, Level 3 Support
Tivoli NetView for UNIX and NT

"McCarter, Bill" <mccarter_we AT naptheon DOT com>@tkg.com on 07/24/2001 

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Subject:  [NV-L] mib2trap usage

I have been given the following IBM mib to load and the mib2trap command is
not working. It doesn't
give me a error it just doesn't put any addtrap commands into the file, it
does put some comments about
creation date in the baroc file, but no acutal baroc definitions. I have
used mib2trap  before just fine. Thanks in
advance for any help.

Netview 6.0.2, Solaris 2.6.

mib2trap ibm2100.mib.txt ibm2100.mib ibm2100.baroc

Here's a short version.


      FROM RFC-1212
      FROM RFC-1215
    Counter, enterprises, TimeTicks
      FROM RFC1155-SMI
    ibmProd, alert
      FROM ibm-mib
    alertType, alertDescription, probableCause
      FROM IbmFaultMgmt-MIB
      FROM RFC1213-MIB;

-- These Extension groups follow the structure of MIB-II
-- Actual definition of MIB Subtree:

ibm                       OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { enterprises 2 }
ibmProd                   OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { ibm 6 }
ibm2100                   OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { ibmProd 130 }

-- IBM 2100 Storage Server MIB groups
-- The ibm2100 MIB groups contain information that identifies a
-- Storage Server unit, and information that further identifies the
-- cause and unit status that is associated with a Trap message.

ssSystem   OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { ibm2100 1 } -- system level objects
ssProblem  OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { ibm2100 2 } -- problem records

-- ******************************************************************

-- Storage Server system group

ssSystemAccess OBJECT-TYPE
     SYNTAX Counter
     ACCESS read-only
     STATUS mandatory
         "A count of the number of times this private MIB variable
          is accessed.  For sub-agent test and verify."
     ::= { ssSystem 1 }

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