Re: MLM ThrottleTraps filtering

2001-07-20 04:06:38
Subject: Re: MLM ThrottleTraps filtering
From: Luc BARNOUIN <luc.barnouin AT thalesatm DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 10:06:38 +0200
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Sorry to forget basic things such as the platform ... but to me, it had no 
impact on the MLM
capabilities and configuration aspects (except its availability of course!)
- Digital Unix Tru64 4.0f
- Netview 5.1.3 + patches (Yes I'll migrated to 6.0.2 some day...)
- MLM would be installed on the Netview box


"Caputo, Thomas" a écrit :

> I'll take a stab.
> Possible: Yes
> Implementation method depends on (but not limited to) the following things
> in the real world:
> Positioning of MLM
> Platform of MLM(OS flavour)
> Platform of NetView server(OS flavour)
> Network topology
> I have 2000 remote sites with MLMs on NT filtering their local events before
> sending over WAN to the Unix NetView server, killing two stones with one
> bird.....
> An MLM dispersed at remote sites is ideal, in addition to a local MLM for
> locally generated events.  Whether you run it on the same system as the
> NetView server depends on you.
> MLM installation method(remote or hands-on depending on MLM platform)
> Ability to utilize APM (runs only on NetView for Unix).
> The more MLMs you deploy make the APM crucial.  The APM will not make MLM
> deployment easier, but the implementation of filtering much more efficient.
> Having said all that, you failed to mention environment specifics which will
> dictate how MLM/filtering is implemented at your site.  Hope this sheds some
> light for you.
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> Subject: [NV-L] MLM ThrottleTraps filtering
> Hi MLM specialists,
> I never used MLM, but I am studying a way of preventing trapd being overload
> with unsollicited
> traps, and as discussed before, if no action is possible at the agent level,
> MLM seems to be a good
> solution.
> The problem is to prevent an overload, i.e. filter traps from an agent if
> the flow is greater from a
> predefined threshold.
> It seems that the throttle fields of the MLM filter table could help in
> doing that, but I did not
> understand very well the use of Arm Count, Armed Command in combination with
> Disarm Timer or Disarm
> Count and Disarm Command...
> Typically, what I would like to perform :
> If the number of trap from the same host is greater than 10 within 5 sec =>
> activate filter
> Deactivate filter when trap flow is lower than 1 trap / 2 sec
> Is that possible, and how would it be implemented?
> Thanks for your help
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