RE: Color not propagating to submap

2001-07-19 01:41:21
Subject: RE: Color not propagating to submap
From: "Chan, Jack" <jack.chan AT nz.unisys DOT com>
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Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 00:41:21 -0500
Hi Leslie,

Before the Netview upgrade to 6.02, we had 5.1, and colors of the copy and
pasted maps were propagating through. And 6.02 doesn't (e.g. router
interfaces - one red, one green, but router is GREEN, which was yellow
before the upgrade). 

Please let me explain why we are using copy and pasted maps. It is because
we separates logical geographical branches for each clients. So we have a
generic object for each client, and under that, we have IP submaps of the
branch offices. So we did not use Smartsets. 

Do you think it will help it I turn the router fault isolation off?
How else can I solve this color problem? It is affecting the daily operation
people, because they look at the map with all the customer's generic object.

Sorry for being a pain, thanks a lot for your help.

Jack Chan.
New Zealand, Enterprise System Management. 

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You should not be copying and pasting. That menu option is only there
to mislead you. Use Cut & Paste to organize the map. If you need an
extra copy somewhere for a different view, use the Smartsets.


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

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Hi List,

I have Netview 6.02 on solaris 2.6, upgraded from 5.1

When there is a router down, it shows white (normal). Under the IP Internet
map, the router and all the nodes hanging of it shows white (normal). So we
avoided a lot of node down pages.

BUT.....in my copy and pasted submaps, some IP Network and switches are not
white (either yellow or green).

In essence, one thing shows white on IP Internet map and yellow/green in
other submaps. It seems like the color is not propagating through to some

Has anyone encountered this before? What should I do?

Thanks in advance,

Jack Chan
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