[TEC] SNMP port 162

2001-07-12 13:19:31
Subject: [TEC] SNMP port 162
From: Pieter_Van_Cauwenberghe AT csi DOT be
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 19:19:31 +0200

Hi all,

Some advice please,

Envir: NetView 6.0.1 and TEC 3.7 on solaris 2.6, SUN3500

I would like to monitor network devices with NetView but correlate SNMP
traps sent by these and other devices with the TEC through its SNMP
But... NetView and TEC (and the SNMP Adapter) are running on the same
So, If this TEC SNMP Adapter is listening on port 162, NetView's trapd
cannot receive SNMP traps from SNMP Agents.
(and vice versa)
All other NetView features i want to use seem to perform ok.

As long as the TEC SNMP Adapter is started before NetView's trapd daemon,
this design seems to work fine.

Has anyone else done this?
Are there any drawbacks?
(both from the NetView and the TEC point of view)
Should or shouldn't i be doing this?

ThanQ, Pieter

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