Re: C5d and nvcold don't run

2001-07-12 11:54:09
Subject: Re: C5d and nvcold don't run
From: "James Shanks" <SHANKS AT us.tivoli DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 11:54:09 -0400
Szymon -
If I don't give you advice on something you ask, it is because I don't know
why you are seeing the behavior you are seeing.
I cannot always remotely diagnose what is wrong just from what someone
tells me.  That is why there is a real Support mechanism with people to
call to get personalized help.

I don't know why your events display seems to hang, since it has nothing to
do with those two daemons.  There is probably something else going on at
the same time.  If you do netstat -a  do you see sockets with "nvcorrd" in
the name with large values in their send and receive queues?

As for the collection problem, use   nvUtil G   to list your collections
and see if you can see the one that is duplicated.  You are going to have
to try to find it and delete it.

Is there any possibility that you could call Support and get some
personalized help here?

James Shanks
Team Leader, Level 3 Support
Tivoli NetView for UNIX and NT

Szymon Trocha <Szymon.Trocha AT man.poznan DOT pl>@tkg.com on 07/12/2001 

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Subject:  Re: [NV-L] C5d and nvcold don't run

Hi James,

At 09:37 AM 7/12/01 -0400, you wrote:
>C5d won't run because it requires that nvcold be running.
>Try going to the command line as root and issuing  /usr/OV/bin nvcold and
>see what kind of an error message you get.

I inovoked the command:

# /usr/OV/bin/nvcold
ERROR:  nvcold:  Unable to add collection to list -  is a duplicate name
(file: nl_main.C, line: 702).

>nvevents has nothing to do with those two daemons unless you are running a
>custom ruleset which has a Query Collection node in it.  That would
>nvcold to be running to execute properly.

I see. I don't run a ruleset with such a node. But the question remains -
why does it stop to refresh?

Szymon Trocha

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