Win2000 SNMP agent question

2001-07-05 13:18:34
Subject: Win2000 SNMP agent question
From: Risto Vaarandi <risto.vaarandi AT eyp DOT ee>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2001 19:18:34 +0200
I am trying to gather some statistics from W2k SNMP service. W2k SNMP
agent supports SNMP Host mib, which contains some useful performance

I am quering hrStorageTable (. from host mib, trying
to get statistics for virtual memory.

When I query a workstation that has 128Mb physical memory and about
192Mb swap, the agent reports 4866 (in 64Kb units) for virtual memory
size. That makes about 311424Kb, which looks like the agent considers
virtual memory to be swap+physical memory.
But the agent also claims that _used_ virtual memory size is 0, which is
not true, since about 60Mb of physical memory is actually used.

Why is the w2k snmp agent doing that? Is it because used_virtual_memory
counter is actually not supported? 

Or is it because the counter actually refers to the used _swap_ space?

Any help is appreciated, since the issue looks quite confusing now...

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