RE: Discovering BayNetworks router in NetView 5.1.3

2001-07-03 17:31:06
Subject: RE: Discovering BayNetworks router in NetView 5.1.3
From: "Gebhart, Tom (CC-ETS Tools Services)" <Tom.Gebhart AT conagrafoods DOT com>
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Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 16:31:06 -0500
1.      This router is not in DNS.  But we have a few other (Cisco) routers
that are not in DNS but are discovered just fine.  Only difference is the
label is the ip address and not the hostname.

2.      I have tried both the wan interface (the interface closest to the
Netview host) and the ethernet adress, both to no avail.

3.      We don't need to use the loopback address.  We just usually use
loopback because it is a virtual address that is always up if the router is

        Thanks so far, but keep talking to me, Tom G.

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This may be a silly question - but is the router resolvable in DNS in both

Also, is the interface that is listed in DNS the interface "closest" to the
Tivoli box?

By the way - tell Alan Sebastian I said "hello"

Scott Barr - CSG

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Subject: [NV-L] Discovering BayNetworks router in NetView 5.1.3

        AIX 4.3.2, Framework 3.6.2, Netview 5.1.3

        I am trying to discover my first BayNetworks router in NetView.  We
have a couple hundred Cisco routers and switches in the system already.
Cisco devices get discovered like clockwork after being entered into the
seedfile and issuing a "netmon -y" command.  I have entered the ethernet
address of the bay router into our seedfile.  Apparently the bay does not
have a loopback address which is what we usually use for discovery.

        The router support guys have added our NetView host address and RO
snmp community string to the bay router.  We tried letting bay default to
port 162 and we also tried changing the port to 161.  No discovery yet.  I
can ping the bay from my PC desktop and from the NetView command line.  I
can use the MIB browser from the NetView GUI and get system info, interface
info, etc.  What am I missing.

        Thanks to all for your help.  I've had success here before, so I'm
back to the well.

    Tom Gebhart

        ConAgra Foods
Senior Systems Administrator
        (402) 577-3677

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