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2000-11-30 15:55:05
Subject: Re: Jetty Logfile
From: Gareth_Holl AT tivoli DOT com
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Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 15:55:05 -0500
You may want to try asking this question on the Jetty discussion group -
or the unoffical support group -

I dug around the www.mortbay.com site (the creators of Jetty) and found the
following information which looks as if it was meant to control the Jetty
You can redirect Jetty log output to a dated file with the following java

Also on the jetty-support site, I found a question regarding the size of
the jetty log and the reply was as follows:
>From release 2.4.4 there is the RolloverFileLogSink class which allows log
files to be rolled over.
You may want to trim the Demo server configuration for better performance
and probably slightly less verbose output.
Try using the JettyServer.prp file as a base config file (running with
Try to remove the handlers for auth, filters and aliases (unless you use
If you get stuck - send me you config file and I'll tune if for you.

I would suggest backing up your config file before experimenting :-)

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"Gerlach, Ingo" <Ingo.Gerlach AT gedas DOT de> on 11/30/2000 08:57:48 AM

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Hello all,

since we've update our Netview 6.0 to 6.0.1 (on Sun Solaris 2.7 )
the /usr/OV/www/log/jetty.log grow's rapidly.

Wich variable in the JettyServer.prp must be set to limit the
logfile size eg. to 500KB  ?


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