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2000-11-30 13:33:33
Subject: RE: Standby NetView Server
From: Dean Sullinger <DSullinger AT dot.state.az DOT us>
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Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 11:33:33 -0700
We have two Sun E3500's running Solaris 2.6 that we use as production and
backup Netview servers.  When we need to move the database from production
to the backup, I always stop the netview services first with ovstop, then
simply tar the database files using "tar -cvf server_name.tar
/usr/OV/databases" as Dean Grant said he is doing.  Once we move it to the
other server and untar the file (tar -xvf), we then restore the database by
running /usr/OV/service/reset_ci.

This works well for us.  If someone can see a flaw in this, let me know.

Dean Sullinger
Arizona Deptartment of Transportation
Technical Information Resources
Wide Area Network Group

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Tar'ing the file to do a back up works fine. The problem is that restoring
tar does not handle the sparse file system well at all. This is easily
by using the command pax to restore.

How I backup my databases is this:

tar -cf backup_file  /usr/OV/databases

To restore, the commands are:

rm -fr /usr/OV/databases/*

pax -rvf backup_file  -pe /usr/ov/databases


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I can give you a partial procedure, assuming you don't want more
dynamic/frequent updates. I run a Backup Selected Data (from serversetup,
maintain) weekly via cron. I then tar and gzip the databases directory from
the OV.back.v6r0 directory, ftp'ing that gzip file into my development
machine for extraction and overwrite the databases directory there.

While this seems to have worked OK so far, I have recently become aware that
Tivoli does not recommend use of tar and gzip to compress NetView database
files as these utilities do not handle sparse files well. I'm responding to
your note not only to pass along what I do to migrate the DB, but also to
solicit input from readers as to what Unix utilities will work correctly on
sparse files.

The salient line in the cron job is:

/usr/OV/install/tools/nvp.v6r0 save -p '/usr/OV/ALL.USER' -vg 'none'


Steve Elliott
Sr. Network Mgmt. Engineer
epicRealm, Inc.

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Subject: [NV-L] Standby NetView Server

Hi All

We are currently building a standby NetView server to be used in case of
the live NetView server becoming unavailable. To build the server, we are
restoring a mksysb and savevg and then following the documented procedures
for updating the IP address and hostname of the machine. Once we have built
this server, we obviously wish to keep its NetView database up-to-date.

Instead of applying every update on both machines (e.g. adding a location
or discovering an object), is it possible to copy the relevant portions of
the NetView database from the live server to the standby server? If so, can
anyone provide me with a procedure to follow?


Danny Williams
ITS SB Tivoli
Certified AIX Specialist - (ATE, ASP + HACMP)
IBM Global Services
mailto:danny AT uk.ibm DOT com
Tel: 665520 (01926-465520)
MOBX: 275520 (07967-275520)

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