Re: Re: Wrong Subnet Mask on HSRP Interface

2000-11-29 22:35:34
Subject: Re: Re: Wrong Subnet Mask on HSRP Interface
From: "Leslie Clark" <lclark AT us.ibm DOT com>
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Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 22:35:34 -0500
Oh, it got through. But no good ideas have popped up, apparently.
I have not thought to examine the mask on hsrp's, so I don't know if
I've seen the problem or not. Have you tried deleting the hsrp interface
and rediscovering it?

Try checking the subnet itself. Are there any wierd devices on it? Are
there messages in netmon.trace about things being in the wrong
subnet? Sometimes things get placed on a subnet before netview
has successfully determined the mask, and it guesses. It figures it out
later, but then you have to move them. And in the past I have seen one
node with a bad mask cause a subnet to be created, and then a lot of other
innocent devices will get added to that subnet for some mysterious reason.
I think of it as guilt-by-association. Usually they correct themselves on
rediscovery. None of these observations are hsrp-specific, though.
And maybe your problem isn't, either?


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

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Hi All,

Sorry If you receive this message a second time. But I didn't
see any replies, and there was problem with our mail, I thought
maybe it didn't get through.

Why is Netview 6.01 picking a different subnet mask for
the HSRP address than for the real address?

I have a Cisco Router (MSM module on Catalyst 6500) with
sub-interface configured like this :

interface Port-channel2.355
 encapsulation isl 355
 ip address
 standby 55 priority 20 preempt
 standby 55 ip

And when I do a Edit->Description... in Netview, I see in the list of

Port-Channel2 Up 0x003080152737 ethernet
Port-Channel2 Up   0x00000C07AC37 ethernet

And of course a symbol for a IP Net of is drawn on the map.

Why is Netview picking a wrong subnet mask on this?

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