Re: nvcorrd exit on signal 11

2000-11-29 04:53:28
Subject: Re: nvcorrd exit on signal 11
From: michael.hamm AT tudor DOT lu
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 10:53:28 +0100
It will be a good idea, to update to NetView 5.1.3.

signal 11:
May something is not set up 100%,
Check the resolve of all node-names work correct.
Check the SNMP-Configuration for correct community strings.

try this:
1. /usr/OV/bin/ovstop
2. delete all files in /usr/OV/sockets
3. /usr/OV/bin/ovstart
4.login (/usr/OV/bin/nvauth -login user group)
5. /usr/OV/services/reset_ci
6. /usr/OV/bin/ovstop netmon
7. /usr/OV/bin/ovmapcout -a
8. /usr/OV/bin/ovtopofix -A
9. /usr/OV/bin/ovstart netmon

If it still signalls 11:
Unmanage all nodes and start to manage
one node after each other. Than you will find
the node which is responable for the problem....

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Hi all,

The nvcorrd daemon always end with signal 11.  I'm using netview 5.1.2 on
solaris 2.5.1.
Does anybody give a hint ?

Thanks in Advance,
José Robeto Antunes
TELESC - BrasilTelecom
E-Mail: antunes AT telesc.com DOT br

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