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2000-11-26 23:21:00
Subject: RE: All those interfaces
From: "Vidal, Chaz" <chaz.vidal AT eds DOT com>
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Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 14:51:00 +1030
Thanks a lot! This information is useful.


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The Monitor...Network Configuration...Addresses function uses the
rnetstat command to display the contents of the IP address table. This
will not include HSRP addresses, since those are not included in the mib.
The Monitor...Network Configuration..Interfaces function uses the rnetstat
command and that command, it appears to me, only shows physical
interfaces. I don't generally use it. The Monitor...MIB Values...Interface
shows the full contents of the Interface table as the snmp agent on the
device populates it, inlcuding sub-interfaces, or virtual interfaces.
Do yourself a favor and modify that mib application
(Tools...MIB Application Builder) to add the ifIndex column to the display.
This will help you match up the address entries with the interface entries.

Now, as to what Netview will draw: It will draw cards for everything with
addresses. And it will draw cards for interfaces that do not have
provided it  can figure out that they are connected to another device. You
need to have both ends in the map (usually serial). It will NOT draw cards
for unnumbered interfaces that are not in use, or that are connected to
devices that are not in the map. And it will not draw cards for virtual
that are not addressed. And it will draw cards for HSRP interfaces, which
don't appear in either the address table or the interface table.


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

"Vidal, Chaz" <chaz.vidal AT eds DOT com>@tkg.com on 11/22/2000 08:01:14 PM

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Actually, I double checked and the mib reports 49 interfaces.  The extra 8
interfaces include 2 ppp interfcaces and 6 other FrameRelay interfaces.

What explains this behavior?

Chaz Vidal
EDS Australia

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From: Peter Anderson [mailto:pETERanderson AT westpac.com DOT au]
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The extra four could be LoopBack and HSRP?  Do an snmpwalk of




to double check.


Peter Anderson
Senior Communications Analyst
Ph:  0011 61 2 99025938

Any views or opinions presented are solely those of the author and do
not necessarily represent those of Westpac Banking Corporation.

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From:               Vidal, Chaz
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Hi all,

I'm pretty new to network management so I would like to ask your collective
expertise here. Please excuse me if this discussion has been done to death.
Right now, I am not sure if my NV installation is working as designed or
there is something else I need to do.

My installation is NV 6.0 on Solaris.  One Cisco router has 23 displayed
interfaces.  These are the ones with addresses. I verified this by doing a
Monitor->Network Configuration->Addressses.  When I check on the interfaces
using Monitor->Network Configuration->Interfaces, there are 41 discovered
interfaces including serial and E1 links.  And when I go to the
Values->Interface Info, I get 45 discovered interfaces.

Can anyone explain to me why I get this behavior. And also, how do I get
45 interfaces displayed in the IP map?

Chaz Vidal
EDS Australia
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NV-L List information and Archives: http://www.tkg.com/nv-l

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