Re: OVwSetSymbolBehavior and NWays

2000-11-24 08:56:35
Subject: Re: OVwSetSymbolBehavior and NWays
From: "Leslie Clark" <lclark AT us.ibm DOT com>
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Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 08:56:35 -0500
For recent versions of Nways, this can be forced from the map. For
the Nways Topololy (where the Java Device Managers are), there is
a menu pick (under Tools, I think) to refresh the topology. For the ATM
and Hubs displays, I would use the smitty cml entries to Clear Hubs
Topology and Clear ATM Topology. When you restart the associated
daemons, those topologies are repopulated from the Netview database
and the icons appear, first flat and blue, then green and puffy. This state
usually, but not always, carries over to the IP topology as well.


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

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Hello forum readers.
When you install products like CiscoView or Nways on top of NetView, you
all know that as a result, the icons of the managed devices (Ciscos or IBM
hardware) become executable. I assume this is done by the installation
program(s) using the OVwSetSymbolBehavior routine which is described in the
NetView programmers guide.
Now, I wonder how to force that process to re-run (after an upgrade or so).
Is there another way to force all ciscos or IBM devices icons to become
executable than using directly OVwSetSymbolBehavior ? Is there a .sh or
.bat file available with Nways and/or Ciscoview ?
Thanks in advance.

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