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2000-11-23 05:25:26
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From: "Michael Seibold" <Michael.Seibold AT gek DOT de>
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Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 11:25:26 +0100
You might take a look at 


hope this helps for vendor codes

Michael Seibold
Gmünder Ersatzkasse

>>> Winfried.Gehrig AT skf DOT com 23.11. 10.50 Uhr >>>
Hello Netview-folks around the planet,

we are driving a Netview 5.1.2 /Optivity 8.1.1/AIX4.3.2-platform on our
neverstopping IBM C10 from 1990 with installed WEB-Server for our Operating
using Internet-Explorer 5.00. The machine is also used as primary
and Distributed Sniffer-Analyzer-machine.

To isolate problems faster, I'm looking for a tool that identifies the vendor of
a network interface card based on the first 3 bytes of the worldwide unique
vendor-code within the MAC-address.
Our Sniffer-system show some but not all actual ones.

Does anyone know of a tool for AIX or NT with that function ?
Is there a database or a function within Netview or Optivity ?
I also assume that there must be a RFC that shows this information.

Thanks for help in advance.

                     (o o)
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