Re: Netview Swing

2000-11-21 12:36:12
Subject: Re: Netview Swing
From: Gareth_Holl AT tivoli DOT com
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 12:36:12 -0500
Regarding Sun's latest swing plugin "plugin-1_1_3_003-win", I have also had
success on both IE and Netscape. However, I did come across the left
button, right button problem on two separate occasions with this latest
plugin. After clearing the cache and restarting the browser each time, it
would work - I could not reproduce the problem. I believe I saw the problem
with each browser but can't be sure now. I was too busy with something else
at the time that I neglected to pay carefully enough attention :-(
I am still using this plugin without failure however  I'm not using the
WebClient as extensively as it typically would be in a production
environment - this plugin still may fail so be prepared to try the plugin
that Tivoli Support provides in the event of a problem.

Gareth Holl
Software Engineer
gholl AT tivoli DOT com

Tivoli Systems / IBM Corporation
Research Triangle Park,  NC  27703.    1-800-TIVOLI-8

"Leslie Clark" <lclark AT US.IBM DOT COM> on 11/20/2000 10:47:24 PM

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This week's customer pulled the 1.1.3 mod 3 version currently being
offered on the Sun site (not knowing any better)  and it appears to be
working fine for them. They are using IE. I have not tried it with
So you might try that first. Support can make 1.1.3 available for ftp if
call them. It is about 5MB so you might not want it in your email.


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

"Dabbs, Cliff" <cliff.dabbs AT mcps-prs-alliance.co DOT uk>@tkg.com on 
12:28:07 PM

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Reading through the stuff here it appears that Sun have made changes to the
Swing Applet since Netview 6 came out and hence the current version doesn't
work with the web client for Netview.

I can't get the version that works from Tivoli at the moment, Has anyone
a copy? (for NT and 95)

Cliff Dabbs

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