Réf. : [NV-L] Re: Changing community on manager station

2000-11-17 07:25:18
Subject: Réf. : [NV-L] Re: Changing community on manager station
From: thierry.van-mol AT CIEV.vd DOT ch
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 13:25:18 +0100

Thanks for the suggestion. However ovsnmp.conf had the wright community
for the manager station.

I found the solution: I only changed /etc/snmp/conf/snmpd.conf to change
the communities. But apaprently you have to change also the files
snmpdx.acl and mgragentd.acl in the same directory, bacause those files
mention also the default communities of public and private.

After that, I couldn't have Netview to rediscover the manager station
correctly: tried to do a demand poll, and to delete and rediscover
the station: no way. So I did a clear of  the databases, and after
that the manager station was finally discovered properly and appeared
in the ManagerSubmap!


On 17.11.2000 09:57:10 owner-nv-l wrote:
>Hi Thierry,
>Probably you have to change ovsnmp.conf for your manager station. I guess
>you have your netview machine in ovsnmp.conf file by IP address or by full
>domain name.
>If I'm right try to change this entry to a short name (just a hostname)
>Best Regards/Pozdrowienia
>W?odzimierz Dymaczewski
>IBM Polska, ITS SW I/T Specialist
>60-164 Pozna?, ul. Zi?bicka 35
>tel: +48(61)8649491, fax: +48(61)8649488
>e-mail: Wlodek_Dymaczewski AT pl.ibm DOT com
>Date:      Thu, 16 Nov 2000 17:31:10 +0100
>From:      thierry.van-mol AT CIEV.vd DOT ch
>Subject: Changing community on manager station
>I have Netview 6.01 running on Solaris 2.6.
>I tried to change the community strings of the station
>from the public and private defaults to some other value.
>What I have done is modifying the /etc/snmp/conf/snmpd.conf
>file, and also modified in Netview the default
>community in Option->SNMP Configuration.
>When I do a
>snmpget station .
>I got the correct answer. But when I start Netview, the
>station doesn't appear in the Manager Submap. Also,
>in the event window, I see an authentification failure
>trap for the management station. But if I test the SNMP
>connectivity, it works.
>I have already tried to reset the databases and done a reset_ci.
>What else should I do?
>Many thanks in advance.

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