2000-11-17 01:54:35
Subject: Re: SNMPv1/SNMPv2
From: Bob Natale <bnatale AT acecomm DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 01:54:35 -0500

>>It uses SNMP V1 as the version number because it does not support the
>>complex security mechanism implemented by SNMPV2c (and largely ignored
>>by most vendors).
>Huh??? SNMPv2C is the community based SNMPv2 and does not contain the
>complex party based security model ;-)

Yes, that is certainly true.

>However, SNMPv2C is already historic and NetView should really concentrate
>on developing SNMPv3.

It should be noted that all of SNMPv2c -- other than community-based
authentication and authorization -- was carried forward into SNMPv3.
That is, all the PDU mods (GetBulk, v2Trap), varbind exception codes,
new error codes (esp. for SetRequests), etc. are the same in v2c and
v3 (with the addition that v3 actually employs the Report PDU defined
in v2c, but not applied there).  So, going to v2c from v1 as an interim
step toward v3 is not necessarily a bad idea -- esp. in retrospect.

> At least one big vendor is already supporting it.

Sure...and that same vendor, along with several other major
vendors also has supported v2c for some time.

Btw, if anybody wants a set of v3-enabled apps to test against
v3 agents, please feel free to download the Auto*Manage package
from the [Products] page at www.winsnmp.com.  You need access
to one or more v3 agents (of course, the package also works
with v1 and v2c agents)...you have to enter some parameters
for v3 entities and contexts into the local database (via the
local database editor utility that is included) and then you
can run the MIB Browser, MIB walker, or any the dozen or so
utilities in the package against v3 "command responder" apps
(aka, "agents").  [Disclaimer:  Auto*Manage is a (low-cost)
commercial product...but the download is free for evaluation
purposes and we would consider it use for v3 agent testing
to fall under that meaning.]  Obviously, getting sufficient
independent interoperability testing of v3 components is
still a problem for moving the standards forward, so I hope
that at least a few of you will give it a try and report your
results (esp. if you uncover problems).


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