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2000-11-13 10:17:18
Subject: RE: Better Graphing tools for Netview
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Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 09:17:18 -0600
Hello Duane

Thank you for your message on NV-L.

We are storing netview data in an RDBMS and I am building a web site that
will display the past 24 hours of selected MIB values. I was initially
planning on using perl/DBI and Gnu GD and Gnu GIFgraph. Did you evaluate
this graph software? Can you use Grace directly without x-windows? I wish to
create a graph and store it as a GIF and then publish the results on my web

Thank You

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I've resorted to rolling my own -- it's not that bad.  The best thing you
can do for yourself is put all of the snmpCollect data into an RDBMS and
query against it to make your graphs.  I've done some stuff from there
using perl/DBI with Gnuplot, and perl/DBI with Grace.  perl with Grace
produces a better graph, and it easier to code (once you know grace).

I had some more exotic requirements, though.  First was no involvement of a
Windows app like Excel or similar.  Second was automatic (scheduled)
production of several output formats, including print, .JPG, and .PDF.

Grace Home page -- http://plasma-gate.weizmann.ac.il/Grace/


Duane Waddle
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Clarence Hart <rti1clh AT ismd.ups DOT com>@tkg.com on 11/06/2000 02:20:52 PM

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     Does anybody know of any software companies that sell better tools
     to analyze netviews data in the form of graphs & stats?  I dont
     really like the Graph tool and before I start wirting  a hole
     slew of perl scripts and re-invent the wheel, maybe theirs
     some company that sells such a product.

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