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2000-11-13 04:46:32
Subject: Re: A comprehensive online HR resource - HR.com
From: John Nicholson <jnicholson AT epo DOT org>
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Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 10:46:32 +0100

autoregister AT corpmail.hr DOT com wrote:

> According to this month's issue of Fast Company magazine,
> HR.com is "definitely the go-to site to read about workplace trends,
> recent studies, and legislation affecting employers. The "Daily News"
> and "Weekly IR/Labor News" features help you keep tabs on trends and
> legal decisions that your staff should know about."
> (November 2000 issue, page 440)
> As a professional involved in Human Resources, you have been selected
> to receive a free membership in HR.com.
> HR.com is a comprehensive online HR resource that can help make your
> life easier. How? Because it will save you time and help you make
> smart decisions quickly. www.hr.com has been serving the HR community
> for over 5 months now. With over 40,000 registered members, we are the
> largest Portal dedicated entirely to HR professionals. We currently
> cover 8 communities (Staffing, Compensation and Benefits, Training and
> Development, Legal, HRIS, IR, ER, HR Management) in-depth, each and
> every week. We're being told that we're making the lives of HR
> professionals easier. Let us do the same for you.
> With this email you are entitled to receive free access to the
> following:
>    * Leading edge articles - over 6,000 now and growing daily
>    * Free help from our industry experts at Ask HR.com
>    * Discounts on hundreds of HR products and services in our
>      eMarketplace
>    * Updates on issues and trends that impact your job success
>    * Tools, templates and forms to save you time
>    * Dozens of discussion forums to share ideas with your peers
>    * Access to thousands of training programs and products in our
>      training center
>    * and coming soon... the largest HR jobs database available!
> If you do not want to receive information such as this from HR.com,
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> line. Be sure to indicate the email address you want removed,
> especially if your mail is consolidated at a mailbox other than the
> one to which we've addressed this email.
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