Re: Duplicate ip addresses in network.

2000-11-09 10:18:15
Subject: Re: Duplicate ip addresses in network.
From: ronnie.ross AT springs DOT com
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Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 10:18:15 -0500
     It is correct that 192.168 is private address range and can not go
accross the Internet.  It is VERY BAD to have ANY duplicate ip addresses.
If these are on a host and only brought up in case of failure, I guess it
would work as long as only 1 address is up at a time.  If it is to load
share, I would think using a one DNS name on different IP addresses would
be better.

Ronnie Ross
Network Engineer

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The network I work on has been customized with duplicate addresses of and  These addresses were assigned to
a total of eight platforms/hosts (i.e., four have addess of
four have address of  The network architect felt it was
okay to do this because 192.168.10 is considered a "private network" and
is not routed over the network.  The platforms with these addresses contain
additional network cards which are unique and which are what I really
want to monitor.

I have tried via a seedfile to get netmon to ignore these addresses
(i.e., ! but netmon still finds the
addresses...because of the other network addresses in these platforms, I

I see in the NetView Diagnsis Guide the  documented solution is to "Correct
problem in your network".  However, it would be more desirable if I could
just get NetView to ignore the duplicate addresses.  Does anyone know
another way to get NetView to ignore the duplicate addresses but still
monitor the
rest of the platforms?

Thanks, Anne Schahfer
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