Re:Mass deletion and avoinding discovery of

2000-11-06 03:59:45
Subject: Re:Mass deletion and avoinding discovery of
From: "Julio Leal" <jjllmm AT hotmail DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2000 09:59:45 CET
Hola Pablo:

1) Puedes crear un smarset para cada conjunto de objetos. Entras en el smart 
set, seleccionas todos los objetos y los borras de todos los submapas.

2) [email protected] para no descubrir objetos con ese OID y
@* para descubrir todo lo que tenga agente snmp (y entonces no 
descubrirá lo que no tenga agente)

Espero que te sea de ayuda.
Julio Leal
PD: te aconsejo el manual "Instalation and Configuration".

From: owner-nv-l AT tkg DOT com
Date: 06/11/2000 03:58:52 GMT
Subject: [NV-L] Mass deletion and avoinding discovery of

Hi all,

I would appreciate your input on the following:

1) How to do a mass deletion of objects. Ie. How to delete all the pingable
devices from the database ?, How to delete all the Host Compaqs pcs from the
database etc.

2) What is the syntax for the seed file to stop Netview from discovering
devices based on MIB oids or base on type Ie pingable?

Thanking You for your help


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