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2000-11-05 12:59:30
Subject: Re: NT Server Monitoring
From: Vince_Rosso AT transalta DOT com
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Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2000 10:59:30 -0700
Thanks for your reply Jane.    We are collecting CPU and memory utilization
data on each server we monitor.   I copied the definitions and instead of
storing the data for the device I'm only checking thresholds and then
paging out if they exceed certain limits.   Of course I  haven't figured
out if there is a way to test it before hand.

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You can customise this from your normal trap customisation panel. Sounds
like it it just 1 or 2 traps you are interested in from 1 specific

Copy the trap definitions you are interested in.  Leave your original
definitions as is and in your copy, fill in the "Sources" box with the
name of your problem node - then customise appropriate actions for
that.  When this trap arrives, NetView checks trapd.conf for a trap
match with specific sources customised first - if no customisation
exists for a specific source, it uses the default.

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