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2000-11-03 15:16:34
Subject: Re: Certification Test Update
From: Ebagley2 AT aol DOT com
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2000 15:16:34 EST
Scott --

The Tivoli Professional Certification Department is currently in the process 
of updating the NetView test for Version 6.0.  In fact, a workshop of Subject 
Matter Experts was held in early October to determine the scope of the test 
and define the learning objectives for the new test version.  The new test 
should be available first quarter of 2001,  at which time  we will add the 
version number to the test and to the certification. Test 582 will be 
withdrawn when the new test is available ... but the certification received 
for taking test 582 will still be valid.

Elizabeth Bagley
Tivoli Education

In a message dated Thu, 2 Nov 2000  8:26:52 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
scott.hammons AT farmersinsurance DOT com writes:


Hi all,

I'm planning on taking Test #582 but was wondering if anyone has heard if 
will be any updates to this test to cover Version 6.0?  I plan on reverting 
to version 5.0 books to study for the exam.  Thanks.

Scott Hammons, Consultant
Advanced Integrated Solutions, Inc.
(Farmers Line) 405-782-5302
(Pager) 888-520-0517
(Cell) 210-378-8229

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