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2000-09-14 14:04:43
Subject: RE: Want to rename a subclass icon
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Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 13:04:43 -0500

        You're right.  That worked perfectly.  Thanks, you saved me a ton of
work, Tom G.

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Hello Tom,

Modify/Describe Symbol/Object will only update the location symbol you use
represent the submap underneath but the submap itself still has the old
name. To
update the submap name, try Edit-> Modify/Describe-> Submap from the main

Scott Donohoo
Tivoli Customer Support Team (NetView for Unix/NT)

"Gebhart, Tom (CC-MIS Tech Systems)" <Tom.Gebhart AT conagra DOT com> on 
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Subject:  [NV-L] Want to rename a subclass icon

     How do I rename a subclass icon on the ip map?

     I have created many subclass location icons and (cleverly) named
them for cities or buildings in cities.  Now I want to rename some of the

     If I use edit, modify/describe, symbol to change the symbol label or
use edit, modify/describe, object to change the selection name - the icon
name appears to change, but if I drill down into the icon, the name on the
title bar at the top of the window retains the original (building) name.
What can I do to make the change apply everywhere?

     I hope I don't have to recreate the icon with the new name and move
everything from the old to the new.  Some of these objects have several
levels inside them and I have to drill down to the lowest level to cut the
object and then paste it into the new object at the appropriate level.
Unless there is a way to do a "recursive cut".

     Thanks for any help on this "challenge".

    Tom Gebhart
     ConAgra Foods
Senior Network Administrator
     (402) 577-3677

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