AW: AW: Re: Where o where should I put my CGI scripts ?

2000-08-30 07:34:48
Subject: AW: AW: Re: Where o where should I put my CGI scripts ?
From: REIBENSCHUH Alfred <alfred.reibenschuh AT it-austria DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 13:34:48 +0200
> hi !
> and now we have a problem since the servlet is not distributed 
> with the 2.2.4 version of Jetty as installed into netview :(~
> i have found the servlet under
> ftp://jetty.mortbay.com/pub/Jetty-2.4.6/contrib/uk/org/gosnell/Servlets/ 
> BUT how does one plug that beast into the netview installation ?

now i know !!!

copy the files from the above URL onto

then add the following entries to your /usr/OV/www/conf/JettyServer.prp :
        main.root.Servlet.PROPERTY.SERVLET.CgiServlet.CLASS             :
        main.root.Servlet.PROPERTY.SERVLET.CgiServlet.PATHS             :
        main.root.Servlet.PROPERTY.SERVLET.CgiServlet.CLASSPATH         :
        main.root.Servlet.PROPERTY.SERVLET.CgiServlet.PROPERTY.Roots    :

restart jetty with:
        ovstop webserver

and then you can reach your cgis :

happy cgi-ing :)

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