No Web Submaps

2000-08-23 16:22:06
Subject: No Web Submaps
From: lesdickert AT nsimail DOT com
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: 23 Aug 2000 13:22:06 -0700
Running NetView 5.1.1 on AIX, and when
I access it with a web browser, everything
seems to work OK (events, diagnostics, mib
browsing), but I cannot get a display of the
submaps.  I just get a blank screen, and the
only button down the right side that is clickable
is HELP (which doesn't help in this case).

I ran /usr/OV/web/httpd/cgi-bin/Install and
chmod_web_ovw -a with no affect (that I could

A funny thing is that at the top of the blank
display is 


Does this mean that it is trying to show the Root
submap as a default, or that it is trying to show
the map 'default', which does not exist on our system.
We have one map called 'EnterpriseApps', a la

# ovmapdump -l
MAP             PERMS  CREATION TIME              COMMENTS
EnterpriseApps   R/W   Tue Aug 22 14:03:41 2000                 

Any help would be appreciated, I can seem to find anything
in any of the NetView manuals about setting up the web

Oh, another thing:  The nvwebd process shows 'NOT RUNNING',
but there are a bunch of NetViewWebServer UNIX processes
running, and I can get a web response for almost everything.
Why does ovstatus say it is NOT RUNNING.  Can't ovstart it
manually either.  The 'ovsuf' entry look OK to me.

Thanks for any help,


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