Re: Where to get MIBs/traps?

2000-08-01 14:21:21
Subject: Re: Where to get MIBs/traps?
From: Jim Kellock <jkelloc AT ibm DOT net>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2000 14:21:21 -0400
Just compiling the MIBS won't help your events desk figure out the
traps.  For that you need to have the enterprises and traps defined in
your trapd.conf.  There's a file at
ftp://ftp/yars/free.net/pub/software/netware/nwman/mwise called
nwaux1.exe that contains a bunch of Netware mibs, including trap mibs,
against which you can run mib2trap.  The readme in the directory file is
dated 1998, so it's not too old, and may have what you want.  

Has in it:
that would probably be of interest to you.

"Treptow, Craig" wrote:
> Hi.  I know this isn't Netview specific, but I'm not sure where else to go.
> In my events window, I see a lot of traps that are unknown.  The message says
> "Trap found with no known format in trapd.conf(4)  Enterprise excelan
> (*.*)...  Farther along in the message I see that it is
> "private.enterprises.novell.mibDoc.10.1.44" (or others).  When I browse down
> to ...mibDoc, I only have:
> lantern (2.1)
> snmpDot3RptrMgt (2.2)
> ipx (2.5)
> netware-GA-alert-mib (2.8)
> token-ring-hub-mib (2.12)
> ripsap (2.20)
> The only Novell MIB's I have apparently came with Netview.  They are:
> novell-rip-sap.v1mib
> novell-nw2snmp-1.0.mib
> novell-lantern-1.3.mib
> novell-ipx.v1mib
> novell-hubnmltr-2.0.mib
> novell-hubnmle-1.0.mib
> It appears I am missing some MIB's, but I've been poking around on Novell's
> site and can't seem to find anymore.
> So where does a person go to find these?
> Craig Treptow
> Principal Financial Group
> I/S Network Administration
> (515) 247-6207

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