Installation problem on DEC-Unix (snmpd)

2000-06-30 06:45:48
Subject: Installation problem on DEC-Unix (snmpd)
From: "Rauwers, Laurens" <rauwers AT hitt DOT nl>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 12:45:48 +0200
Installing NV5.1 on DEC-Unix 4.0F

During this installation (in the IBMVA-RUN part) the following warning is

WARNING:  Unable to query this system using SNMP possibly due to:

  a) SNMP Agent not running
  b) nvsecd not running
  c) other network configuration problem on local system

  This may result in configuration and operational errors.
  You can use the following command to verify the SNMP Agent
  is operational after correcting the problem:

    /usr/OV/bin/snmpget czvcmsp07 .
SEV_1 ERR_0041_095

And indeed the SNMP agent is not running, after it has been stopped by NV.
I know that in Dec-Unix 4.0D an "&" has to be removed from the snmpd script,
but in this release (4.0F)
it is already removed in the original.

Can someone give me a hint what to do?
Where the snmpd is restarted for instance?

Thanks in advance.

Laurens Rauwers

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