Rule Set not working as expected

2000-06-29 16:12:01
Subject: Rule Set not working as expected
From: Aizprua Jerry <JAizprua AT pacifico.fin DOT ec>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 15:12:01 -0500
Operating System: AIX 4.3 Product Group: NetView for UNIX Fileset or
Version: Netview 6.0 .
 Environment: Netview server has 512 Mb RAM, 1.2 Gb of Swap Space, Fast
Ethernet NIC, 2 x 166 Mhx risc processors TEC Server has 512 Mb RAM, 1.2 Gb
of Swap Space, 2 x 166 Mhx risc processors .

 Hi : 
We want to manage events from servers, routers and switchs. We have created
a smart set that includes the nodes mentioned before. 
Then we created a rule that does the following : 
1 Event Stream 
2 Trap Settings - Here we specify that we only are intrested in the
entreprise netview6000 and the specific events 58916864 (Node Up) ,58916865
(Node Up), 58916866 (Interface Up),58916867 (Interface Down). 
3 Query Smartset - Here we specify the smart set that only has the machines
that we want to monitor. 
 4.1 Forward - (Thist will display the events and forward them to tec) 
4.2 Action -Here we have a small script that logs all the results in a file.

a ) Now the problems are that when we generata an event, we can find it in
the file trapd.log but it takes a long time until (25 min) until the trap is
displayed in the file mentioned in section 4.1 and also in the TEC Console.
 b ) As you could see, we are trying to filter the events to those coming
only from the nodes in the smart set but for some reason we are also
receiving events coming from other nodes that are not part of the smart set.

We are also receving events that we don't want to manage. To be sure that
the rule is woking we use the file that we created in section 4.2 and we
only see the events filtered by the nodes in the ruleset but still the
events coming from other nodes are displayed in the event window from the
dynamic work space and also are sent to TEC.
 Pls, Any help is apreciated.

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