node unavailable w/o link unavailable

2000-06-21 07:56:58
Subject: node unavailable w/o link unavailable
From: echevarria AT es.ibm DOT com
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 13:56:58 +0200
Hi all,

     I'm trying to log router availability in a tree-like network (tree
like but some routers have backup links to different nodes in their parent
level. But I need to differenciate when the node down is due to PTT link
failures or to node/router problems. The environment is all Cisco. At the
moment I haven't been able to find a solution for that because once a node
is down I cannot find out what the problem was. I think the solution of
polling sysUpTime after recovery isn't a good one, because if it's a PTT
line problem sometimes the router is restarted and sometimes not; in case
it's a router problem it happens the same.
     I'm starting to think it's a solutionless problem.

Thanks for your advice,

Juan Echevarría López
AT&T Global Network Services
Internet: jechevarria AT att DOT com   |   echevarria AT es.ibm DOT com

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