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2000-06-13 16:58:04
Subject: Re: Re: Unable to Log-In from a Web
From: Ebagley2 AT aol DOT com
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue Jun 13 16:58:04 2000
Hi, Eli --

It doesn't seem to matter how many spaces follow the
username or precede the password.  The following all
worked just fine for me:

netview.PROPERTY.eli : mypassword
netview.PROPERTY.eli       :        mypassword
netview.PROPERTY.eli    :  mypassword

The trick is carefully watching the spaces at
the end of the line. (I tested several variations 
on spacing a bit ago and accidently *did* manage to 
introduce a space after the password during one of my

Tivoli Education

In a message dated Tue, 13 Jun 2000  2:50:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time, elig AT 
bezeq DOT com writes:

<< Elizabeth,
Bingo!!!  You were right (in a way). My own "user : password" looked alright
(i.e. no extra blank) but it wouldn't pass the Log In screen. I then got rid
of  that line and went back to the original "netview : netview" user &
password. This one did have a blank or two at the end of the password. Once
removed, I managed to Log In. I am very grateful to you, as there was no way
for me to proceed without your help.

My other question is, how do I recreate a line with my own user & password?
Is the syntax sensitive to blanks which follow the user field? I guess not,
otherwise I have no idea how to manually type the user data and then the
password. Is the location of the colon important? Are the blanks before and
after the colon important? Can I just type the following line, or must I
count the number of blanks I insert:

netview.PROPERTY.eli : mypassword

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> In a message dated 6/8/00 , 
>  Ebagley2 AT aol DOT com <mailto:Ebagley2 AT aol DOT com>  writes:
> Eli --
> I don't believe there's a log that will tell you
> exactly what the problem is 
> with the login.  But, this may help...  A couple of
> times now, I've 
> inadvertently left a blank space at the end of the
> password.  When I've 
> removed the space and stopped/restarted the
> webserver, I've been able to log 
> on.  You might want to check for an extra blank
> after the password and make 
> sure that your entry looks like:
> netview.PROPERTY.user         : password
> where user is the username and password is whatever
> password you've assigned. 
>  I also usually start a fresh browser session after
> restarting webserver, but 
> that could just be superstition on my part.
> Someone mentioned adding a UNIX account, but you
> really don't need one.  The 
> web server doesn't look at the UNIX password file
> for authentication.
> -Elizabeth
> Tivoli Education
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> Daylight Time, 
> eligal_99 AT yahoo DOT com <mailto:eligal_99 AT yahoo DOT com>  writes:

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