Re: Netview version 6.0a

2000-06-08 21:34:50
Subject: Re: Netview version 6.0a
From: "Gavin Newman" <NEWMANGJ AT banksa.com DOT au>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2000 11:04:50 +0930

NV 6 includes the code for RFI (Router Fault Isolation) which is apparently 
part of the code required to run TNMC. The code is disabled by default. 

The code apparently stops Netview polling devices on the far side of a failed 
router interface while that interface is dead and displays the affected nodes 
in white. This will prevent floods of messages once the message for the failed 
interface is detected but does not have the intelligence of TNMC which tanks 
events then conducts analysis before forwarding on the event that initially 
caused the problem. It appears to be a poor man's TNMC.

The powers that be apparently decided that it would now be a freebie and they 
have shell scripts for Unix and exe files for Windoze that unlock and activate 
the code. I haven't upgraded to 6.0 yet so haven't tried them yet.

You should be able to get the code from your account rep.

Cheers - Gavin

>>> "Boulieris, Arthur" <Arthur.Boulieris AT nz.unisys DOT com> 09/06/2000 
>>> 10:45:38 >>>
I have been told that there is a Netview version 6.0a which includes the
"root cause analysis" or network connectivity manger standard. There is no
mention of this version at Tivoli.com.
Does any one know about this version?

regards Arthur

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