Re: How to find and recognise already discovered devices!!!

2000-06-08 15:29:29
Subject: Re: How to find and recognise already discovered devices!!!
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Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 15:29:29 -0400
Sanjeev, this is what we call a feature. The intent is to allow the
of a Smartset based on these bogus oids, as a to-do list for you. To help
you out, they also created a log file with the real informaition in it
(badoids.log?) that is almost in the form you would use to update the
oid_to_type file. I had the same reaction you did, at first.  But they are
trying to help, really! The log may only be created on demand, as an
option on netmon, I think.


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking
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Subject:  [NV-L] How to find and recognise already discovered devices!!!
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Hi all
I noticed one strange behaviour in NetView on WinNT4.0. If the device
sysobjID is not defined in the oid_to_type  and oid_to_sym files, Tivoli
stored those devices as a generic device with generic icons or with
connector icons.
If you select those device and go to the proerties, click on other tab, and
see Object ID value display is either
Why did they display wrong sysobjectID of the device? It is different from
actual sysobjID of the device.

I want to search all my specific device before installing my solution with
NetView. Can you suggest me any way to do it? I am not going to search all
the devices with these two OID and than send snmp get request to each
to get the actual SysobjID and manipulate in my code.

I saw these two statements in oid_to_sym file:          # IBM/NetView (symbol for
any IP forwarding node with an unknown sysObjectId)           # IBM/NetView (symbol for
any node with an unknown sysObjectId)

Would you please give me some clue b'cos i think it is very common problem.
Thanks in advance. Looking forward to hear from you.

Sanjeev K. Sharma
Phone: (716) 231-8388
Fax:(716) 422-6651

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