Re: Unable to Log-In from a Web Client

2000-06-07 17:37:19
Subject: Re: Unable to Log-In from a Web Client
From: Ebagley2 AT aol DOT com
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 17:37:19 EDT
Eli --

Did you stop and restart the webserver after editing
the Realms.prp file?  You need to stop and restart, 
so that the webserver can reload the configuration

# ovstop webserver
# ovstart webserver

Tivoli Education

In a message dated Wed, 7 Jun 2000  9:57:49 AM Eastern Daylight Time, elig AT 
bezeq DOT com writes:

<< Why can't I get through the Login screen of my Win/NT WEB client?

I did the following steps:
My new Netview 6.0 for AIX was successfully upgraded from version 5 (which
did not run a web server).          
I registered and started the webserver and mibserver daemons as described in
the release 6 notes.
I uncommented the  netview.PROPERTY, admin.PROPERTY, and jetty.PROPERTY
statements in the /usr/OV/www/conf/Realms.prp file.
I even entered a userid into the    /usr/OV/www/conf/NetViewRealm.prp file
even though it was not required by the release notes.
I installed the Java Swing applet on my NT and tested it successfully vs.
the Netview Server.

I am able now to successfully surf from my NT station to netview, url:
<http://netview:8080/NetViewApplet.html> .
I get a small Log In window asking for userid & password. I enter the
userid/password as recorded in the Realms.prp file, and the little window
comes back with a message saying "Sorry, your login failed, please try
I get the same apologetic reply when I try the userid/password which was
edited into NetviewRealm.prp.

I seem to be getting nowhere from this point. Did I miss anything? How can I
troubleshoot this problem? Is there a log file or any other diagnostic aid
which might help me proceed?
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