Re: Database inconsistencies

2000-05-30 10:06:50
Subject: Re: Database inconsistencies
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Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 10:06:50 -0400
The interface and the node are two different objects. Every
object has a unique object id. You will find this for every single
thing in the database. It's ok. Is there some problem that you
are debugging that lead you to worry about this?


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

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Subject:  [NV-L] Database inconsistencies

Netview 5.1.2
Oracle 7.3.4
AIX 4.3.2

I noticed that objid's, see extract below, from the INTERFACECLASS and
NODECLASS tables, do not match. I am sure they have to match thus I have
tried  the following:

1. Run ovtopofix "Resolve database inconsistencies"
2. Delete objects showing up in netmon.trace:
    "Node '' is in incorrect network, delete the node and
3. I followed the procedure "Deleting an object completely, Step1 to 5" in
the Netview Diagnosis Guide.
4. Run ovtopofix again after that.

...but still the result remains unchanged.

Question, what do I have to do to resolve this problem? Ovtopofix produces
db_res.log file, is there anything in there that I have to look for etc.

Thank you for your assistance.

(INTERFACECLASS)                         ( NODECLASS )
OBJID     IP_ADDRESS                    OBJID      SNMPADDR
551 0x400182102014 552
134333     0x0000F6E6EBCF  134334
10336     0x08005A0D1783  10337
525     0x00201B6B2281  526
815 0x0000F6B7F827 816
817 0x0000F6B7DEC6 818

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