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2000-05-30 09:51:20
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Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 09:51:20 -0400
Well, that's really bad, isn't it? I wonder if this is part of the same bug
presently requires us to do an ovtopofix before doing any cut/paste on
the map? If you did do the ovtopofix before attempting to add a new
location entry in the location.conf, I would call Support to make sure
that they have included that scenario in the testing of the fix in 6.01.
If you did not, I would try that first, after getting rid of the doubles


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

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ronnie.ross AT springs DOT [email protected] on 05/30/2000 08:55:31 AM

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When a new IP network gets learned and is put in the holding area, what is
the correct way to update location.conf file to have NetView create a
location icon and move the network in it running NetView V6 for AIX?

The way I did it, I deleted the IP network from all maps, stopped NetView
GUI, updated the location.conf file, started the GUI.  When NetView learned
the new IP network, it did create the new location icon, but it also
recreated ALL the other location icons also.  I had 2 location icons for

Ronnie Ross
Network Engineer

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