Cisco' s label is not correct

2000-05-11 09:35:26
Subject: Cisco' s label is not correct
From: Dimitri.Setti AT fccrt DOT it
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 15:35:26 +0200

Hi at all .
I have this problem. I have a 7206 cisco router connected to a LAN with a IP
address 10.117.y.y .
This cisco has many serial interfaces, connected to remote routers. Every
interface has a IP address,
in the range 10.118.x.x,  with netmask (point to point).
Netview, connected on another my LAN,  is able to locate this cisco 7206, but
NV6 creates an icon
with label 10.118.x.x (one of serial interface), and not with label 10.117.y.y
I wish to have right label, because I'm sure that LAN inteface works always
while serial interface goes down sometime.
How can I force this situation?
any help is appreciate .

PS: I use netview6000 v 5.1.1 on AIX 4.2.1,


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