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2000-03-29 20:50:28
Subject: Re: Netview Seed File with oid's
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Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 20:50:28 -0500
I think this is a fairly common issue, the trade-off between control
and the adminstrative burden it entails.

If I were letting routers be discovered by whatever interface is
found, I would just add matching names to the hosts file for those
without bothering with the delete/rediscover. I would override the DNS
with /etc/hosts entries for those interfaces (on AIX this is done in
/etc/netsvc.conf with hosts=local,bind, Solaris does it differently).
I might set up a collection (smartset) that contains things without name
resolution, and, if needed, things that  have goofy interface-oriented
names that need changing. Treat that as an after-discovery to-do list.

I have found it to be very useful to have consistent name resolution
not only on the loopback, but also on the nearest interface, since
that is usually the one that the traps come in from. It allows me to
correlate events with objects on the map, among other things.

Anybody else?


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

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Hello People,

We currently have a network with about 550 Cisco routers and 250 Cisco
switches as well a large number of other servers(NT,AIX,SUN etc). The way
we have been doing the discovery in the past was to put the IP addresses of
the device into the seed file and let netmon discover the nodes. This
method was important to us because we wanted to discover the routers using
their loopback addresses as the loopback addresses are tied to names in the
DNS server. However our environment is growing at a rapid pace and as a
result new routers go out in the network and their addresses are sometimes
not reported and as a result are never put into the seedfile.

We are currently investigating other methods of creating a seedfile to
alleviate this problem. The only suitable method I could think of was to
use Cisco OID's for the Cisco devices but then this leaves us with the
problem of the routers been discovered with the first address that netmon
finds. The only thing this helps us with is that we now know that there is
a router out there and can then put it's loopback address into the
seedfile, delete the object and let netmon rediscover it bye the loopback

Has anyone encountered a similar situation? Any ideas/suggestion would be
greatly appreciated.

Pritesh Jewan
ESM - Technology & Operations Division
Nedcor Bank Limited (South Africa)

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