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2000-03-29 09:50:36
Subject: RE: Application Monitoring
From: "Chance, Larry" <lchance AT sfbcic DOT com>
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Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 08:50:36 -0600
We have been using a product called TOPPER from Bear Mountain Software.
You might check it out for yourself.  It's performing quite well.
I'm about to review Ganymede, so I have an interest in that product too.
Here's the link to the TOPPER product.  http://www.bearmtnsw.com/
Larry Chance
Southern Farm Bureau Insurance

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From: Smith, Kristi [mailto:Kristi_Smith AT mentorg DOT com]
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Subject: [NV-L] Application Monitoring

In addition to the network monitoring we do with NetView, our group has been
tasked to do "application monitoring" for our field offices around the
globe.  The requirements have not been very well defined yet but it will be
something along the lines of having a standard SAP transaction take place at
regular intervals between our remote offices and our central server and
notify us when a pre-defined threshold has been exceeded. We will eventually
monitor multiple applications including home-grown apps, e-mail, ftp's etc. 

If you have any experience implementing products such as Ganymede,
VitalSuite or others, I would very much appreciate hearing any comments or
suggestions you may have.

Thank you, 
Kristi Smith 
Mentor Graphics Corporation 
(503) 685-1971 
kristi_smith AT mentorg DOT com 

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