Event/Ruleset Question

2000-03-28 12:43:44
Subject: Event/Ruleset Question
From: "Ferreira, Linda" <FerreiraL AT nabisco DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 12:43:44 -0500
Hi Everyone,
I have been asked to poll critical routers (I have a collection) at
different intervals for different criteria.
Example:  Poll critical routers every 2hrs. and alert if memory is less than
            Poll critical routers every 30 minutes and alert if CPU
utilization goes highter than 65%

Can anyone tell me what's the best way to do this?  Filter/ Ruleset or
other?  If I have the same collection, but I want to poll at different time
intervals, where do I set that up?  Right now they are being polled every 5
minutes.  Do I need to add this collection to the SNMP configuration, and if
I do, can I add it twice?  One time for 2 hr. polling and the other for
1/2hr polling.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Linda Ferreira
Network Management Center
ferreiral AT nabisco DOT com

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