ovwdb cores

2000-03-22 09:19:53
Subject: ovwdb cores
From: "Hernan Dario Villegas Londono" <hvillega AT bancolombia.com DOT co>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 09:19:53 -0500
Hi all,   I have  Netview 5.1.2 , AIX 4.3.2 . Risc H50 , 1 GB RAM.

Since the last Saturday I had problems with the ovwdb.  I inspected and saw the
/usr/OV with 100% of utilization.  I perceived that the file
/usr/OV/PD/cores/ovwdb/core  was very big  ( 234 Mb ).  After this, I cleared
this file and, when I tried to start the GUI , it started, but some collections
had disappeared and other ones had lost the definitions of the collection rule.
In addition, the manager submap became " blue " .
I restored a backup and the healing was the same  ( The usr/OV  began to
increase until  100% and the file core became very big) .
The number of objects in the database is 27400, and I have programmed the cache
in 30000.
However, I  compressed de objects database and the IP topology database.
>From now on, the plattform is stable.
Did I do a good procedure ?
What is the recommendation about compressing the databases ?
What else can I do ?

I would apreciate any suggestion.


Hernan Dario Villegas

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