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2000-03-21 21:02:29
Subject: RE: Instances for Sub-Interfaces
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Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 21:02:29 -0500
Use the mib browser to look at the actual variables you want. You will
probably find that the agent does not report certain variables for sub
interfaces, only for the primary interfaces. I've seen this on Cisco
frame relay subinterfaces. It won't report packets, but it will report
ifInOctets, for instance. If you tell snmpCollect to get values for all
interfaces and it comes back with only a few, chances are the
agent on the device does not have the data to give us.


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

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Jean.M.SCHMIDT AT odot.state.or DOT [email protected] on 03/21/2000 07:52:05 PM

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Thanks for the response but how do I get subinterface information? Please
see explanation below.

When I run the command:
     snmpget $NODE .$INDEX
I received error:
     snmpget: This variable does not exist:

When I do an "snmpwalk nodename" I receive:
     interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDesc.1: Ethernet
     interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDesc.2: Serial 0
     interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDesc.3: Serial 1
     interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDesc.4: Token Ring
     interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDesc.5: Serial 1.1
     interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDesc.6: Serial 1.2

This gives me the instance number that relates to an interface. However,
when I access MIB Data Collection window and select show data only
1 through 4 display. How do I obtain collection data for only Serial 1.1 or
Serial 1.2?

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Jean.M.SCHMIDT AT odot.state.or DOT us wrote:

> How do I know which instance relates to which interface?

Here is a way to do it:

If  the INDEX variable is set to the index of the interface, and NODE is
IP address or hostname of the node, this will return the name of the

     snmpget  $NODE .$INDEX

It used the interface description MIB.

If you want to get the IP address of the interface (assuming there is one -
there doesn't have to be!)

     snmpwalk $NODE . | grep "INTEGER: $INDEX"\
           | cut -d. -f5-8 | cut -f1 -d:

Hope that helps..

Ray Schafer                   | schafer AT tkg DOT com
The Kernel Group              | Distributed Systems Management


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